Antique Showmanship

cattle show

Reclaim the rush of show day at this year’s fair during the Antique Showmanship class. Open to any parent, uncle, aunt, grandparent, cousin. If you stepped in the ring as a 4-H member or Jr. Show exhibitor, now you can step back in!

Show will begin immediately after the close of official judging. Entry fee is $20. Funds will be used for improvements in each livestock department. Enter your favorite showman at the judges table during the show. If that person wants out, he/she can pay double! This is a ‘fun’draiser.

Senior 4-H exhibitors will judge, so put your best foot forward with costumes, themed t-shirts, or maybe a token from your glory days in the ring.

Registration and more information will be available at the fair.

Time & Date

Showtimes will vary with each department.

Entry Fee